Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Holistic fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching involve looking at the ‘whole’ you and uncovering what is holding you back from reaching your goals.

Jo Spaull - Holistic Fitness Coach

My coaching programmes are designed to help improve confidence, discipline, mindset and adjust your daily habits, setting you up for lasting results. No more yo-yoing!

I can help you with:

  • your relationship with food
  • self-sabotage
  • body image
  • self belief
  • digestive issues
  • daily habits
  • gut health
  • metabolism

Holistic Fitness Coaching

What to expect

Jo Spaull - Holistic Fitness Coach

What To Expect

Holistic fitness coaching is for you if:

  • You struggle with your relationship with food
  • You feel defeated by the scale or frustrated with the response of your body
  • You desire to learn more about the principles of nutrition for your specific body, goals and living a healthy lifestyle
  • You are unsure of what to eat or how much
  • You find yourself constantly eliminating foods or food groups
  • You want to learn how to train your body for your goals
  • You have trouble keeping consistency
  • You are unsure of how to mesh life with your goals
  • You struggle with meal ideas for yourself and/or your family
  • You are unsure if you are actually doing what you should be to reach your goals
  • You are tired of starting over and ready to enjoy permanent changes, no more yo-yoing!
Jo Spaull - Holistic Fitness Coach

What I Offer

Online Coaching

Online Coaching is both time efficient and cost effective and can fit your lifestyle how you see fit. It is a remotely delivered online fitness, nutrition and lifestyle service that give you the benefit of individualised tailored programming and support with a weekly accountability check in to discuss progress and amend goals.

Virtual 1:1 Training sessions

1:1 / partner virtual guided personal training sessions delivered via Zoom directly to your home, excellent for boosting motivation and improving self-accountability. Structured just like an in-person personal training session, I will guide you through personalised workouts, pushing you and making sure you get the most from your sessions. Equipment or no equipment we can work out the most effective plan for you. The goal is to help you learn how to move your body, focus on correct positioning and execution, to help improve intensity and give you that extra little push.

Personal Training

I offer 1-1 / small group Personal Training sessions in Norwich. For more information, please email me or enquire now.

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