My Ethos

I believe that in order to achieve long-term health, happiness and wellness, we must fully understand the connection between body and mind.

Jo Spaull - Holistic Fitness Coach

I believe that your health is so much more than just food and exercise, and to accomplish your goals and sustain long-lasting results you must start from the inside.

Learning to understand your mind, body and habits will support long term habit & behavioural change. All bodies are different. All starting points are different. All lifestyles are different. And all goals are different, which is why you must use a personalised approach to reach your goals.

Learning about your body and mind is the only way to achieve long-lasting, sustainable results.

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My Services

How I can help you

My coaching programmes have been designed with you in mind, so whether you are looking to progress your fitness, reduce weight, gain weight, improve your diet, nutrition and lifestyle or improve your mental well-being, I can help you.

Likewise, if you are a business and looking to promote happiness, wellness or raise overall health levels across your workforce, I can design a bespoke package tailored to your company.

I can help you achieve a healthier, happier life.