Corporate Wellness

Happier, healthier employees result in a workforce that is more productive. Let me take care of your company's fitness needs.

Jo Spaull - Corporate Wellness

Workplace well-being is becoming increasingly relevant and important as businesses begin to understand the link between wellness, productivity, attraction and retention.

More than ever before, a focus on mental health and holistic wellness is the new norm for the workplace. It is important for workplaces to cater towards wellness-focussed lifestyles.

It is important to focus on how to create and cultivate workplace wellness - both on a corporate level and to encourage this amongst individuals via:

  • improving eating habits
  • promoting more movement throughout the workday
  • developing crucial wellness habits such as fitness, mindfulness and mediation.

I help to empower businesses to help their employees live healthier, happier lives, both at work and at home.

Why is employee wellness important?

Healthy employees are more productive

Wellness in the workplace is a growing trend. Many of today’s most innovative companies are integrating wellness programs into company culture to save money, improve employee health, and increase productivity. After all, a company’s most valuable asset is its employees!

Corporate wellness provides an opportunity for you to gain greater employee retention, increase morale in the workplace, decrease stress and attract top candidates for your company.

Your company's work environment should be a place where all of your employees can feel comfortable, valued and taken care of.

Jo Spaull - Corporate Wellness

How can workplace wellness benefit my business?

And what can I offer

Benefits of Corporate Wellness

  • Reduction in employee absenteeism
  • Create a happier workforce
  • Boost productivity and motivation
  • Attract and retain great talent
  • Support employees in life and at work
Jo Spaull - Holistic Fitness Coach

What I Can Offer

Company Group Classes

Fitness classes for staff to help improve overall health and wellness in the workplace. Regular sessions can help employees feel happier, more energised, valued and on top of their game.

Company Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching for your business and staff to encourage positive mindsets and improved outcomes. Poor mental health costs employers billions of pounds throughout each year and by improving emotional wellbeing this unwelcome expense can be significantly reduced.

Wellness Workshops

Either delivered virtually or in-person, wellness workshops can be designed specifically for your business and staff, and tailored around key areas.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition suggestions for workplaces and how this can be improved to aid staffs health and wellness. Nutrition & Wellness hacks for quick wins in the workplace

I offer bespoke corporate Health & Fitness packages to businesses both large and small, and prices can be provided following a consultation.

I help to empower businesses to help their employees live healthier, happier lives, both at work and at home.
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