Here is what some of my personal training clients have to say...

I couldn't recommend Jo enough for personal training! She has managed to keep me motivated on working hard and eating well and actually makes me look forward to going to the gym. I have been seeing Jo at least twice a week for 3 months and have noticed huge changes. I have managed to achieve higher than my original goals thanks to Jo. She has flexible times and days to fit in around your work schedule. Jo makes you feel so comfortable when training that it feels like you're working out with a friend you've known for ages!! So thanks for encouraging me, motivating me and supporting me during my time with you.

Kitty Lund

Jo is a great teacher. She explains all the moves with options if needed. She has a calm but encouraging manner and is always on hand to answer any questions or offer advice to get the best out of your workout.

Alison Jackson

I have always liked going to the gym but asked Jo to help me when an upcoming 40th birthday party in Miami meant I needed to be 'bikini ready'. Jo tailored my sessions to my goals (bum, legs and core). They were challenging but fun! Jo is a very positive, bubbly and encouraging person who helps you achieve whatever it is you want. Jo also helped me with my nutrition as I wanted to look my best but also not lose weight or energy as I completed my workouts. I would definitely use Jo again and hope to do so soon. She's fab!

Deborah Dee Chapman

I've always struggled with exercise - I never found it fun & always found it a chore! Since having PT sessions with Jo, I've found myself loving the gym & I always look forward to our sessions together! I've learnt so much & my eating habits have changed massively for the better! A lovely, bubbly & motivating lady! Couldn't recommended her enough :)

Lydia Wilder

I started my journey with Jo April this year, as I had a wedding to attend July. She helped me to achieve my goals and not only that, but to enjoy exercise. Jo is friendly supportive and encourages you every step of the way. I really looked forward to our sessions together, they were always fun and full of laughs. Thanks Jo for being an amazing Personal Trainer.

Hayley Lloyd

Jo is a Fantastic at her job!! I've been having PT sessions with Jo for a while now. She has helped me with my diet and getting into shape for my holiday. Every session is different which makes me look forward to going to the gym. Jo is friendly and never makes you feel awkward in the gym which is great. Also recommend her HIIT classes!

Beth Leveridge

I met Jo back at end of April. I had been at a bootcamp style gym for 2years and wanted a change. I joined 24/7 gym but wasn't really sure on how to use the machines, which look scary when u first walk in. I looked at the PT wall and she stood out from the rest, don't know why but was drawn to her. I contacted Jo and we chatted about what my fitness goals were and where I was on the fitness/strength level. We started the sessions and I found that she is not just a regular gym teacher but and really kind and genuine person. I was going through hell at work and she helped me see through this and gave me the strength I needed to start a fresh. If it wasn't for her I think I would still be in that hell hole. After many breakdowns (anxiety attacks) at the gym she helped me clear my head and see what I was capable of. She helped me with the different machines so I felt confident when I was on my own and gave me little routines to do.

I love free weights but hated the mirrors. Jo showed me how to look at myself and the area of muscle I was working without panicking and freezing up. This PT is not just any ol gal, she is kind and thoughtful but will still kick ur butt if she knows u can do more.

If you are looking for a PT who shouts in ur face then she is not for you. But if u need guidance, help, focus and a reason to get up early then she is definitely for you. Thank you x

Lorraine Thompson

I started with Jo a few months ago after having a knee injury. I kept thinking I was going to worsen my knee with exercises and therefore wanted to gain confidence in this area and I also wanted to tone up!

She takes a holistic approach to her training and focuses on you as a whole individual rather than just as a client that wants to pump a few weights. I have seen a huge difference in my fitness levels at the gym and it has also significantly improved my confidence. My lifestyle has also seemed to have changed gradually since I started sessions, in regards to nutrition and the type of activities I do in my spare time!

I always look forward to our sessions because we always have such a laugh and she always ensures that I work my ass off!!! A truly gifted PT that I would recommend to anyone wanting a fresh lifestyle change! xxx

Naomi Madeleine Gorta-Slight